Schavemaker Logistics acquires Jäger Transport GmbH International

Schavemaker Logistics B.V. (Beverwijk),  has acquired all shares of Jäger Transport GmbH International in Bochum (Germany) as per 1 December 2018. Jäger Transport GmbH International is a family business, founded in 1979 by Ewald Jäger. Jäger Transport GmbH is a reputable carrier of steel (coils) and partial shipments to Great Britain from Bochum. 35 Employees, 25 trucks and 40 trailers are involved in this takeover. In addition, the location in Bochum has also been taken over. The current activities of Jäger fit well with the work of Schavemaker and will therefore be continued. The acquisition will have no consequences for the employees. The culture of both family businesses fits well together. Both are focused on service, flexibility and long-term customer relationship.

"This purchase fits perfectly into our growth strategy in areas where we are active such as steel (coils) and partial shipments. With this acquisition we are expanding our network with the desired location in the Ruhr area of Germany. Schavemaker has many relations in the Ruhr area and with this acquisition we can meet the customer's demand even faster and better. The location in Bochum is perfectly located on autobahn 40 and the location offers opportunities for expansion of activities such as warehousing and distribution", according to CEO Rico Schavemaker.

As a result of the takeover, the total fleet of Schavemaker has grown to 275 vehicles. The workforce will comprise more than 500 employees.

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